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This winter, heroes can be found in the most unlikely places. Some will be finding the courage to rebuild their own lives. Others will be donating their precious time to Vinnies, volunteering to help Australians in need.

Meet Jack's Hero

When we interviewed Vinnies' volunteer Jack he really didn't want us to talk about his accomplishments. He only wanted to talk about his heroes like Emma, who has worked hard to make a better life for her family. Jack explains it like this: "Emma doesn't think about herself, everything she does is for her sons."

And he kept bringing the conversation back to Emma. "The first time I met Emma she was in crisis accommodation, hiding with her sons from an abusive husband". Then things went from bad to worse for Emma's sons. A string of medical emergencies took away the hope Emma had been rebuilding all this time. But with help from Jack and the other volunteers at Vinnies, Emma became more confident and hopeful than ever before. After all of this, Jack can't help but admire Emma's determination, "to me, Emma is what a true hero looks like".

Meet Emma's Hero

The more Jack spoke of Emma's heroics, the more we wanted to speak to Emma.

When we did, something uncanny happened. Emma kept bringing her own story back to Jack. Talking about how Jack helped her son Oliver get treatment for a rare medical condition. How Jack found her family a new home because the one they were in gave Emma's youngest asthma. Asthma so severe he had to be airlifted to hospital several times. And how Jack even helped Emma find the time and confidence to study again. This gave Emma the courage to believe in herself, so that she can create a safe and secure world for her sons. "I'm studying nursing now. To go back to that and help other people, it's beautiful". And now Emma wants to help. "When I'm at that stage of my life I will definitely be donating to Vinnies".

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